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Originally Posted by MerrittM3 View Post
Gentleman. Just wanted to throw out there that i absolutely love my M3. It is such a joy and pleasure to drive. I had a 335 before that was pretty modded and was afraid the M3 would feel "slower". Well it doesn't. I notice a little less torque but the car/engine is way more responsive.

All i want to do is drive now.. any excuse to go anywhere. I am so happy i got this last year production. Well worth it.

Hope you are all enjoying your M3's as much as i am.
I know what you mean, it's something to look forward to each working day as well...the drive there, the drive's good for the soul. lol. What's most impressive about this car, is how every time I press that start button and drive, I always walk away with a smile. It was like that with my '08 and now with the '13. Just a guaranteed JOY to drive every time, it never gets old.