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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
Undersized tires. Needs 255/295 stock IMO.
That would definitely help traction in 1st and 2nd, but fatter tires means a lot more unsprung weight, which adversely affects handling as well as acceleration in scenarios that aren't traction-limited. Given that the car is intended to be used as a track monster and not a drag racer, I think BMW was wise to restrain themselves on tires. The C7 Corvette will have smaller tires than the C6 despite having more power for precisely this reason.

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Can't have an engine that delivers high torque and high redline with linear power delivery all the way to the top at the same time, at least not without going into exotic territory. Here again I think BMW made the right call given the track intent of the car. Keeping this car in the upper rev ranges (where there's plenty of torque) and listening to it scream like a banshee on the track is when you truly understand what this car is about, and is precisely why I believe M3 owners who never take their cars to the track will never truly understand what makes their car so great or why it was designed the way it was. Torque is available on the 335i and 335d. And before you jump in and point out that the next M3 will be FI, I think that's due mainly to increased regulations around fuel consumption and emissions, and the fact that too many M3 buyers DON'T track and thus just want a torque-y city cruiser. If it weren't for said regulations and the market demand from the legions of customers who never use this car for its intended purpose, I think BMW would have absolutely stuck to NA, maybe using something like the 4.4-liter V8 from the M3 GTS for the next generation.

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Agree 100%.

Originally Posted by llis View Post
Brake ducting.
Agree with this too, though I'm told a BBK solves brake issues -- if you're willing to spend a few grand.
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