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Ok guys not here for an argument or debate... Anyways...

A realtor is generally speaking a person that is part of the board of realtors, agent or broker, etc...

It is not necessary that you join the board, but you cannot tell people you are a realtor (as mentioned above realtor is trademarked)... you are instead a real estate agent or other title depending on your job description...

As far as agent quality, it depends on the individual not whether they are part of the board of realtors.

Buying agents and selling agents deserve a piece of the commission simply because the selling agent list the property and hopefully markets it while the buyer's agent helps you find the property, brings in buyer for the selling agent (basically screening, as a seller you don't want your time wasted with people that can't obtain a mortgage or cash). They also schedule inspections, fill out paperwork, schedule appointments, and if you find a good agent help you through the home buying process as well. On the other hand if you are only working with the selling agent, you don't have anyone on your side and it is difficult to negotiate the buyer's agent split into the price because the seller probably signed a commission for dual agency meaning the selling agent receives the full commission if the transaction was a result of their "marketing" even if all they did is list it...

As far as who pays the commission... The seller does. If there isn't a buyer's agent and only a listing agent then the full commission would go to them. If there is both a buyer and selling agent the commission is split.

Yes buyer's agents are completely worth it to the person selling their home and to the buyer searching for a home.

I am technically a full time realtor, but really a direct response copywriter. PM me if you have questions or concerns. I picked up my licenses because I found most of the agents to be completely incompetent when I was looking to purchase a property, so for many of you that have had bad experiences and claim that buyer's agents aren't worth it, you probably had a terrible agent that didn't do anything for you. For seller's if your home didn't sell than you probably have a terrible agent unless there are extenuating circumstances...

Also guys i'm on facebook and one of the guys from Helix motorsports is also an agent so check us out or add me as a friend. Feel free to PM me, I am extremely approachable and will be glad to help.

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