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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Dammit, I really need to fix that, it's the wife's car. I really need to buy a real car for myself. I have a two mile commute and either ride my bike or drive Shitbox, my old Mazda3. I've been meaning to buy a weekend car, but something new keeps popping up. I initially planned on replacing the M Coupe with a Boxster Spyder, but the 981 showed up, the BRZ and threat of an STI came along, the 4C is coming and I just can't make a decision.

I know that. Not only with cars, but also with Apple products and many other things.

Same about me, planned about getting the Toyota 86 and turning it into a track car, but it is not in my budget to "ruin" a new car. The BRZ STI would have been just perfect for, affordable but "track ready". Then of course I have always like the Cyaman (not the design), and the new one is better and is now even one of the best looking Porsches yet. But now there is the 4C. It would have been perfect to accompany my current Alfa, but the lack of manual is almost a deal breaker for me. More even, there is a 4C Stradale coming, a more hard-core version of it that is lighter and has more power. Further there are pleasant rumors of the next generation Mustang, never been a fan of it, but it focused on Europe too, it could really be a good car. Then not the forget the BMW M2, too early to make any conclusions, but it is promissing. And there are other contenders from Japan that we could see, like a new RX-7 or a new Silvia.