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Originally Posted by ScreaM View Post
A professional wouldn't recommend a car cover? So why do I see professionals (detailers, body shops etc.) using car covers all the time. Why do they manufactuer and produce them?

What you say makes no sense
Not all detailers know what they're doing, just like any profession. Car covers sell because there are enough people out there willing to buy them that also lack the full knowledge of what they can do to their paint. The market responds by selling to those people.

The idea that car covers scratch paint isn't hard to understand either. The structuring of a car w/ a cover on it looks like this:
Clear coat --> debris/dust/dirt (abrasives) --> car cover
The car cover compresses and rubs the debris/dust/dirt against the clear coat as the car cover moves over the paint. Unless you live in vacuum, there will always be dust in the air that settles on your car immediately after cleaning. It's literally impossible to prevent dust from settling on your paint before you put a cover on.

An alternative to a cover that hugs the paint is some sort of tarp suspended over the car but does not touch the paint. Enclosed car transporters have tarps like this to protect cars on the bottom level from getting dripped on by possibly leaks from cars on the upper level. This would be ridiculous for the average person, but if you're neurotic it's a decent alternative to a cover.