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Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
I have the same findings with my wheel. The leather is very polished at 9 and 3 and leather masters strong cleaner results in color transfer. After treating the wheel with leather masters strong cleaner, conditioner, and protection cream, the wheel acquires more of a matte finish, however it never returns to the new look. I think the pores were too clogged for too long and the leather itself has permanently constricted. The finish in some places is wearing off altogether. Car has 45k miles. Too much contact with the steering wheel with oily hands I guess. I don't know how people with alcantara wheels do it.

The shift boot is worse off with a lot of the finish having worn off and permanent polished look. The rest of the leather in the car has held up however.

Maybe the Leather Master "Soft Finish Top Coat" (Matte) will work and give it that smooth, DRY, Matte look again. We'll see. I should be getting it in the mail in the next couple of days.

All the other leather in the car looks great, aside from some small scuffs/scratches here and there, and of course aside from the driver side bolster wear, but that is a given. haha