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BRracing - today's update. As part of the vendor showcase and event, we will have Meguiars's here at the event, showing off all their products, and doing a detail on a car. Come see all their products, and ask all your intimate questions on which items are needed to take perfect care of your beast.
Come on out...we have more to share as well. Will add more each day this week as we build to the event. Plus, weather looks to be perfect for a car meet....not cold, not hot, partly cloudy. Way to order up the weather Grayson!

So far we have -
APEX more to be announced

RELATIVE to parking...yep, could be a concern. The meet is at 1PM.
We will be starting the setup of the event area at about 11am, to get our cars out and the vendor area setup. The parking lot itself will hold about 30 - 50 cars, depending on how we want to park them (in addition to our project stuff and our RACE trailer). We are putting the smaller RACE trailer on the street to provide more room, and to make it easy for anyone to see where we are as you drive down the main street.
At one event, we had 150 cars, so we took over the two adjacent parking lots as well (there is a small shopping center lot next to us to the North, and an office building lot to the South, plus some places on the street). We do share the parking lot w Wheel Works, and they are well aware of the masses to be descending on our place on Sunday.

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