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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
My current set-up is -2.7 front and -1.8 rear.

I used to run -2.5 front and -2.0 rear. With that set up I was still eating the outside edges of my Nitto NT01s. This was confirmed with tire temperatures readings, the outside of the front tires were running a little hotter. In the rear, it is the inside temperature that were a little hotter at -2.0 camber.

With my new settings, I am seeing nice even temperature across the tire thread both front and rear. The fronts are now wearing nice and even .

However, -2.7 is starting to get a bit aggressive for the street. I am starting to wear the inside of my street tires... I guess I will have to live with this compromise .

It is important to note that optimal camber settings will vary depending on the type/brand of tire, tire size, suspension (height, stiffness), etc... I can only share what I have experienced with my setup
Going from -2.2 to -2.7 took my toe from 1/8" total toe to 1/32". I like how the car handles both street and track with the latter settings, but sounds reasonable that you can do a little camber adjust a la E36/46. Gone are the days of picking up ~1.5 neg camber at the track and having minimal toe change.