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Thanks for the replies. I am just to the point where I think, based on looking at the wheel and seeing how it now reacts to moisture, I really think the finish is actually worn off. The Leather Master stuff (Strong cleaner plus degreaser) is supposed to be equivalent if not better to the cleaning of I'm at a loss.

I noticed when I wiped the shiny areas with a cloth and some isopropyl alcohol, color was transferred (Not grease or dirt, as it's super clean now). So, this lets me know that the finish is pretty much shot.

I ordered the "Soft Finish Top Coat" by Leather Master, and will give that a try. Have no idea if I have to "prep" the area prior to appylying, like one would if re dying, etc. We'll see....this is something that I've researched for weeks now, and there's not a lot of good info out there, and it's hard to get some of the leather finishing places to respond to me. :-/