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Originally Posted by Mr.Brown135 View Post
Disgusting. A lot of people of this generation are brought up poorly, with bad morals. No respect towards others.

Olden days, were truly the golden days. The people from our parents and grand parents generation had such good morals and respect towards each other. I look up to my grandpa and strive to be like him. The man kept his word, all his life, was married to the same woman for 70 years and loved her dearly to his very last breath. He treated everyone with such respect, women especially. "They don't make em' like they used to."
I'm sure your grandpa was a great man, but to say that just because your grandpa was that so was every other man in the 50's is bs. I'm positive there were just as many assholes back then as there are now. This idea of the "good old days" is simply not true and can be mostly attributed to nostalgia.