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I look up to my grandpa and strive to be like him. The man kept his word, all his life, was married to the same woman for 70 years
Brother I don't want to get emotional but that almost made me cry...shut the fuck up real men grandfather is the same....and since my grandmother passed away from cancer he hasn't been the same....

Look I don't mean to be a dick...I'm very sex positive. That is to say I see sex as a very positive part of my life and nothing makes a relationship stronger than good sex....but...shit.....i don't even know where to begin with this one?

On one hand I have this rational part of me that says...hey it's life bitch...get use to it...girl has looks lacks money...guy has money so he pays for her looks......such is life man up.

On the other hand....i want a more perfect more loving world.