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Originally Posted by catherinelam View Post
prostitutes do it by choice to to get money to meet their means. this is kind of the same thing, but "legal".

either way, it's disgusting.

i recently came across an ad for men or women who want to have an affair
their tag line is: "life is short. have an affair"

its quite sad that our society has these unethical sites. it makes it so easy. no morals or values anymore.
Disgusting. A lot of people of this generation are brought up poorly, with bad morals. No respect towards others.

Olden days, were truly the golden days. The people from our parents and grand parents generation had such good morals and respect towards each other. I look up to my grandpa and strive to be like him. The man kept his word, all his life, was married to the same woman for 70 years and loved her dearly to his very last breath. He treated everyone with such respect, women especially. "They don't make em' like they used to."
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