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Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
I'll be using cab service to get around, and near enough that a large group of people can make it there directly from the court.

Nope definitely can't do that, could lose my contract and go to jail and so could anyone I chose to take.

Wow! Sorry to hear that. Lets go hunting
I use Uber when I travel, easier than cabs and I don't have to carry cash, which I rarely do and I like the cars better. I have a company card that gets charged and I get my black car or suv to come and get me when and where I want. May be worth looking into.

Having a good meal would totally be worth not having a job!

That's my plan, though the more the cops have been looking at it, the more that they are starting to think that it is the management company that has been taking the stuff. They run entirely EMC and we had some shelves in on trade that were just sitting in the office. Conveniently enough, the only big ticket items that were gone was the EMC. They took all of our 450GB and 600GB SAS drives as well as the controllers. I have all the serials and as soon as they "phone home" after post, EMC will be calling both the cops and me. I figure I will get a call this afternoon for that. Idiots...
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I can never have cross dressing fun nothing ever fits!