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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
How near is near? Tons of good food in DC, tons of great steak houses. I’d be happy to whip up a list of the ‘fancy’ places in the area if you let me know what type of distance radius we’re talking about, means of transportation, etc etc.
I'll be using cab service to get around, and near enough that a large group of people can make it there directly from the court.

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Come to the Midwest, we know how to show people a good time. I'm taking them out, so you just have to offer, but it does get a little hard when they are Gov't employees with that whole "bribery" thing. Maybe it doesn't matter in CA
Nope definitely can't do that, could lose my contract and go to jail and so could anyone I chose to take.

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Thus ends my four year relationship. I dont remember how to be single...
Your car will be your new gf.

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Sure, but when it is in a business park there aren't a lot of people around and by the time they broke in, went through the place and left the cops weren't even there yet. I have a good camera system that tracks everything, got license plates, which mean nothing since they were stolen, and everybody involved was wearing masks. Looked as though they knew exactly what they were doing and have done this before, many, many times. Given that we are working on subleasing the space, we have to go back through all the people that had been through there, as well as the management company's people. This has apparently happened in several of their properties they are showing for subleases, so the cops are investigating if it is an inside job.

It's more of a hassle for me than anything, since we don't really have anything in that office. They got maybe $2000 in random monitors and stuff as well as some disk out of an EMC box which is completely useless since it's all old and we were going to throw it out anyways. The window they broke will probably cost me $6000 to replace and the door another $1000 or so by the time I have somebody come and install everything, though the insurance will make everything right by me. There is a snow storm that is going to be coming through tonight, so I have to find a way to deal with the large holes in the side of the building now and had to deal with the cops for almost 4 hours by the time they did printing, let me back in, let me show them the copy of the video, recorded what was missing, etc.

Wow! Sorry to hear that. Lets go hunting