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Someone once asked me what situational depression felt like.
(Situational depression is depressive state caused by an external stimulus that causes your brain to produce less serotonin and thus puts you in a depressed state. This can become an issue if the external stimulus can’t be removed and or overcome for the brain “learns” to be depressed and in a way forgets how to cope and assumes a new normal.)

I said well….imagine taking a roll of sports tape, and wrapping up your chest to the point where you can’t take a deep breath…and have someone tie you to a treadmill with a knife stuck between your shoulders and a gun to your head….all you want to do is get off the fucking thing and take a deep breath.

Depression is no joking matter, I know many good men and women who are due to circumstances beyond their control in dire emotional straights. Some eventually find salvation via the passage of time or the elimination of the stimulus that was causing them great anxiety while others just go in.

So take a moment, if someone you know is depressed or is venting about their depression. Don’t mock them. Not only is it very bad karma but you are also hurting a friend who is reaching out for help.