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Originally Posted by JL350 View Post
Wow, I lived in Brazil for a year, and all I can say is if you base your opinion on one plus size fashion show to conclude that Brazilians are obese, is that you live under a rock.

They have a very healthy diet, and two thirds can't afford to eat junk food.

But carry on, pointless thread is pointless
As I said i haven't been there since 2002 and was just looking at the article.
I'm very very very happy to hear that the country is in just as good a shape as I last remembered it.

I had this one amazing professor in my masters program Dr. C. And this man was a true genius and had balls of titanium.
We all live in a world where there are some rules we just do not cross. Itís called Rule 0
You never ever talk about hurting cats online, you never ever talk about how Dr. King plagiarized his PhD theses and you never talk about what Isreal is doing to the Palestinians with Americans. He didnít believe in any of that. He went for the jugular and was a wealth of knowledge!

And one of his platforms was; eat well to be well. And by that he was stating that underclasses spend a good amount of their caloric intake eating junk food and any home cooked food they do eat they destroy with high fats and sugars. Mean while the upper classes and middle classes have access to higher quality foods and fresh vegetables. And well one generation this wonít really have an effect but across two to three generations and slowly the general IQ and perhaps the structure of the populations minds change. The well to do and healthy will have sharper and clearer minds more focused on long term aspirations and can plan for the future and save while those living off the rush of junk food live for today and have little to no thoughts regarding what tomorrow will bring.

As such itís good to hear that Brazil, is on the right track of eating well, being well and doing well. They truly have so much going for them. Be it their vast natural resources to a very well educated very liberal middle class with has strong moral and family values. I wish this nation I live in, the US, was equally blessed with a strong health and wellness view of itself.