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Originally Posted by Andy_H_E92_M3 View Post
Tried this on my '08 and was getting inconsistent results with the switch, so I modified the Lego to this mess.

Now it works like a charm every time. Thanks for the DIY!

wow, that is one reinforced lego piece! lol.

I suspect mine could fall off anytime. I use a filed down Bic pen cap glued to a piece of an old credit card. All held together by glue stick glue.

Problem is, I don't have a kid, so I'm not going to go buy some legos just to do this. A week after performing the mod, I went to Target, found a Lego clearance bin, and BONANZA, a million loose lego pieces in the bottom of the bin. I took enough to make my T, so I'm just waiting for my piece to fall off before putting the lego piece in. Carefully removing that trim without a trim removal kit is a major PITA.