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Originally Posted by rdvs-can View Post
It should work. I had to ensure I had the latest software avail beyond E89x-09-06-510.

I purchased a trim removal kit online and becuase of this, the job was a snap. Something like

I've used the toolos to do several other upgrades such as adding the Euro foglight switch. This was as easy as could be and most importantly doesn't damage the trim. Terrible feeling to get the new parts in only to have damaged the trim.

This one is almost identical to the one I purchased.

I don't recall how much I paid but, it's worth it in the end!
i was looking at that trim removal set before embarking on my controller swap. IMO, you would not need this kit for the center console removal b/c the console itself is a very large piece and it easily pops out, assuming the user pops open the shift boot as the first step.

That trim removal kit would make life easier if you're doing that Euro fog switch. I didn't have it, and it was a major PITA to remove the trim on the dash with a flathead/soft cloth method. Most of the time, I was using my fingers and hands to gentely pry that piece off.