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Originally Posted by Don Nguyen View Post
I like Porsches, I like American V8s, and I like race cars.
You don't like Porsches or race cars.
A Porsche is a race car.
If you liked race cars and Porsches you'd leave their perfection untouched. You own an air cooled precision machine and you want to add a bulky V8 to it?
Do you realize what that will do to the handling?

You just like big straight muscle car power and want to be able to say you own a Porsche to the women you talk to.

As a Porsche driver, I am disgusted by your abomination.

However, to me speed is only one part of the equation. The car's going to take on styling cues of a race car from the exterior, but have a relatively tolerable and factory-esque interior, aside from a few various interior race bits here and there. I like to think of it as a wolf in wolf's clothing. Sounds wrong in every way? Sounds perfect to me. Speed, handling, styling, and comfort.
a Porsche is a street legal race car by design (excluding the 991). It doesn't need race car styling cues, it is a race car. You can buy one and slap it on a track. Your V8 will make the handling completely out of whack.

Whatever you do, don't show up to any Porsche meets, you'll be laughed at.