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Originally Posted by robotk View Post
The Gt500 and M3 are in the same "class" - both are roughly $60-70k. I would strongly disagree that an r8 is an upper middle class car. A $135,000 toy is not remotely middle class, or upper middle class for that matter.

As far as the gt500 - 631 ft/lb torque and 0-60 in 3.5 secs? There is nothing but awesome about that. Couldn't imagine a v8 more different than the m3. Mind-bending torque vs a screaming redline. I personally love high strung engines, but I would not turn my nose up at a GT500.
My friend just picked one up. 2013. 661 hp 630 tq if I'm not mistaken. All under 60000. 0to60 3.5 sec. U just can't beat this level of sport. M3 owners spend thousands on superchargers, exhUsts and tunes etc. imagine if a gt500 owner spends 4 grand on a proper suspension setup. It's not even fair to place these two cars in the same category but yet are so competitively priced.
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