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Originally Posted by Blade929 View Post
Update: After the weekend install I can say overall I'm very happy. In all honesty, any negatives I would say are my fault rather than TCK or HPA. The good: the suspension is outstanding. I would say, in terms of ride quality, it is actually better than the stock EDC comfort setting. Granted this is all based on street driving. With the H&Rs the car would never settle while in a turn. I would constantly be fighting the car as the stock dampers probably could not handle the spring rates. I notice on their site it does say they highly suggest aftermarket dampers paired with those springs. The TCKs truly transform the handling. The car is planted and very compliant. The settings for rebound and compression are both set is the mid range so there is considerable amount of adjustment left. I will also put up my alignment settings but the camber is at the max of the BMW factory acceptable range which I believe was around 1.5 neg front and 1.7 neg rear. Like I said I drive about 90 miles each day and I don't want to much inside edge tire wear. The less than good: I probably should have gone with a higher spring rate. Ride quality is very subjective and I know for myself I could have easily tolerated a higher spring rate. The other concern for me is an aesthetic one. The front is set at its lowest and with a 7" spring there is still about 1 - 1.25 inches of gap. I'm sure if the car was corner balanced that performance wise this is appropriate however for me visually I would prefer the suspension was lower. I'm talking to Harold today to discuss my options. Again none of these "issues" are TCK or HPA issues they are purely mine and from the performance stand point I could very well be lessening the performance to gain appearance. The last issue has nothing to do with suspension but I feel important to share. I had been running 295/30 Hankooks on my Volk TE37s and switched to Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Well, the profile and a slight difference in the width is making them rub in the rear even though the rear is now actually a bit higher than it was with the springs. I plan on adding some more negative camber and this might be enough that it won't rub.
OP, do you have a long term review on these coil overs? I am considering replacing my 335i with a late model M3 and am looking for a nice street coil overs.

I have heard good things about this Koni based system, but few of my buddies with these double adjust on previous generation M3's all reported ping and knock noises, have you experienced any on your M3?