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Originally Posted by meez View Post
I am down as I can watch the race from my apartment

sign me up but is there any way I can pay less and not get tickets for the event? I get them for free through my girlfriend's work (they sponsor a few drivers)
Originally Posted by alynM3
I dont think there is a way to pay less. You can ask Jonathan if its possible to forego the event tickets and just buy the parking pass and entry costs for the paddock but not sure how that will work.

I know this might sound dumb... but the M3 is the poor mans car at this event. There are lots of "true" exotics and while I dont want to speak for all of the attendees, I have a feeling that the $140 is a drop in the bucket for a lot of these guys. Pretty much everyone can get tickets to the LBGP from one vendor or another. For instance, I get them free at work every year, so its more of the exclusive participation in the event that merits the $140 and not the actual ticket entry cost itself. Hope that makes sense.
^this. Worth every penny and the drive is epic