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Originally Posted by GregMM View Post that you're back, have you seen any Space Grey? My Italian is not as good as your english but here goes...Grigio spaziale
Hi Greg...:-)
many thanks for your ringraziamenti....Unluky,I can't help. I contacted almost all the dealers in a range of 100 km from my house. They all have cars in the parking ready to be shown officially in few days.But there is noone Space Gray, and not one Sparkling Grafite. For the first the reason is that tons of BMW have the same colour and so it is not so good to have an M3 in the same colour of thousands of other BMW (this is true at least here in Italy). The second colour was not a choise for the official presentation since it seems not so nice like the colour they have chosen. The colour of the official launch in Italy is the Silvertone II. Probably if BMW Italy has chosen this colour there is a strong reason...(for our market ...).Probably it is one of the best choise..

Ciao e buona serata