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Originally Posted by Sedoy View Post
Ok,so tell me who is intended buying demographic? The Italia 458 is superior on the track with the lower price tag, so would anyone pick LFA? Because Jeremy Clarkson said so? Lexus LFA is a great machine but the price should be simmilar to Audi R8 V10.
The typical buyers are multimillionaires that aren't looking at these cars for their numbers, instead they're choosing which car fits their preference and clicks with them on an emotional level. Granted, there are plenty of badge whores out there that would only buy a Ferrari or a Lambo just to blatantly say "more than you can afford pal." And by all means, let them buy one of those so they can flash it around.

Literally everything on the LFA is bespoke. All of the materials are of the highest grade, both structurally speaking and in terms of interior materials. I would say the engine is also superior compared to the 458's, but I can't back it up with mechanical know-how; I just think it's a more unique powerplant with ideal power numbers, insane throttle response, and it has one of the best exhaust notes I've ever heard.

The R8 is the definition of a parts-bin supercar. That's not a knock against it, because the car is fucking amazing. It simply shares a lot of components with other cars from the VAG pool.

Coupled with its vastly larger exclusivity and the amount of technology and R&D that's gone into its making, I'd say that it pretty much justifies its price tag, relatively speaking.

Whether or not you like the car is one thing, but to knock it for what it is because it's a little slower and doesn't have a prancing animal on the hood is just asinine imo.
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