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Originally Posted by W/// View Post

It's linked in this thread, not sure how you missed it haha. IMHO, it is needed as there's no such thing as a life time fluid. I don't plan on doing the full flush though. I'm just going to do the turkey baster method. So get as much out of reservoir as I can, fill it in, turn the steering to full lock a couple of times, repeat until I go through the entire bottle or 2.

Not as good as draining system completely but it'll work.
I changed the PS fluid using the baster method this weekend.

The fluid is so thin it is hard to suck out with the baster. It will keep dripping after it gets sucked out. I used paper towels while moving the old fluid so it doesn't drop all over the place. Suck old fluid out of resevoir, replace the fluid, start the car, turn the wheel a few times and repeat.

The old fluid looked fine and the level is fine too. I replaced it with the new fluid. I don't notice any difference... at least you know it's fresh for piece of mind.
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