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Originally Posted by MerrittM3 View Post
Yeah i am still semi on the fence about it. I had a 335xi with the vishnu tune and meth kit. The meth kit was only a month old. for a small fee, Vishnu upgraded my N55 Procede 2.5 V 3 tune into a M3 V3 tune and altered my slightly used meth kit to work with the M3. So for less than $500, i got a tune and meth kit which should add considerable gains.

I have however been considering selling the tune and meth kit and just getting an ESS tune but the gains wont be the same.

TBH, the Procede tune for my N55 was pretty damn good.
Yea, for the N55, Vishnu and JBs were all you would get. No question. However, I'd be surprised if the Vishnu pkg delivered major documented gains and no one here was onto it. Then again, there's always a first.

I did a quick search and the Vishnu tune was mentioned to deliver 10hp on its own, which isn't much.

In any case, share your data when you get it because it would be a seemingly new thing if Vishnu Tune + Meth for $500 would net more than 20hp - 25hp in rwhp.