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Originally Posted by LightWerkz View Post
Wow very nice!
Thanks Caesar. Feel free to swing by if you wanna hear it. Car was super dirty driving in the rain when I took those pics. A lot cleaner today

Originally Posted by marksae View Post
Looks great! Did you adjust how much the tips stuck out? Some of your pictures show the tips stick out more.
No there is really no adjustment for how much the tips stick out. The pictures where it sticks out more is after the exhaust is at running temperature. The tips tend to stick out more after it heats up.

Some folks might argue that you can infact pull the pipes out a little more where the clamp joins them together but I would not recommend as it could cause the pipes to not seal properly and will hear them leak.

That said, this exhaust does not need any adjustment as the tips line up perfectly. IMO, tips that stick out look out of place.

Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
Nice review.

What is the function of those vertical dividers for in the exhaust tips?
Am guessing it is related to securing the tips.

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