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Originally Posted by BimmerRob08 View Post
Gonna have to be a bit more specific on what the dealer told you bro. What did they say is normal? The noise? There is some clanking noise from the 6MT tranny when shifting but at like 2 or 3 mph but only when shifting into gear and that's normal but that is much different from what you are experiancing. Vibrations in the steering wheel is never normal and an indication of many things that could be wrong. Very difficult to isolate as I'm having vibe issue's too.
The dealer said that the clunking noise is normal. Last Winter, I took the car in for a diff fluid replacement, I think it was a recall, when I turn, I hear a 'rubbing' type sound.

I know it's hard to isolate the vibration. I thought it was my wheels, but like I said previously, when I shut off the car, and turn back on, the vibration goes away. I'm going to put my stock set of 359s back on and see how that goes.