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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
I find it ridiculous to have noise restrictions at a race track...WTF, its a RACETRACK!!!
This is just the tip of the iceberg.I can think of a few tracks in our local area that have noise restrictions.Noise was a huge problem for our newest track to get goverment approval thanks to the local NIMBY's. that live around it.A loud street exhaust will pass with no issues.


All Participants must adhere to the mandatory noise restriction of 92 dB or lesser without exception. Calabogie Motorsports Park will measure noise levels of ALL vehicles and/or equipment prior to being granted access to the track.

In today’s Motorsport activities, sound management a joint task shared by all members including tracks, clubs, participants, promoters and even fans. As an established motorsports facility, Calabogie Motorsports Park (CMP) has imposed its own noise guidelines, testing procedures and maximums to ensure CMP creates a favourable environment for all.
1.Screening Test – After a brief visual muffler check, a stationary test is undertaken. Sound levels will be measured 15 feet in front and behind the vehicle while the engine is revved at the maximum allowable rpm or the red line of the tachometer. ◦Cars, the average should be no more than 100 dbA with no single reading over 104 dbA.
◦Motorcycles, the average should be no more than 98 dbA with no single reading over 100 dbA.

2.Pass-by Test – With the vehicle under full acceleration on the track, a reading will be taken from 50 feet. The maximum level allowed is 92 dbA. This level and standard is the most commonly used in North America and Europe and is where the entire industry is headed. Tests are valid for 9 months unless modifications to vehicle are made.

Cars and motorcycles that do not meet the noise criteria in the pass-by test will be black flagged and will not be allowed to run until modifications have been made and a re-test performed to ensure compliance with the guidelines. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure their vehicle meets the noise restrictions that Calabogie Motorsports Park has in place.