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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post

Seriously OP you need to go see a doctor or back specialist, and if you are in pain that makes standing or walking a real issue, get a ride to the hospital now. Due to too much golf (I know, first world problem), I had a disk start to slip a few years ago, which is outrageous seeing as how I’m not even 30…Anyways, it’s something that needs to be check out asap. Don’t let a serious lower back injury fester; they can cause tons of other issues with your balance, strength, etc etc. Sorry to hear about this...

3 weeks again i was cracking my neck then i heard a pop and i couldn't turn my head, i was in pain for a week straight and it sucked..but after 10 days it was better, that happened before, however this lower back pop was a first..wondering if it's one of those things that'll heal on its own or something i'll need surgery for

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