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Exclamation My Review - Meisterschaft GT Exhaust - Pictures Galore!

Go Here for Videos >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I apologize in advance for not including a video. I am in the process of either getting a GoPro Hero 2 or 3 so I can take some good videos.

So after much debating between the Eisenmann Race and the Meisterschaft I decided to take my chances with the Meisterschaft GT exhaust with SR Pipes. Needless to say I couldn't be happier with my decision The exhaust note on this thing is just amazing. Based on all the posts I had read on this exhaust, I had numerous questions and concerns; to name a few....

1) Will it be too loud?
2) How is the fitment? Some reviews stated that it appears sunken in with a diffuser
3) The tips are so large, will they touch the diffuser?
4) Should I just order E92 GT exhaust for my E90 because the tips are slightly longer and they will compensate for the reported shorter length on the E90?
5) Is this going to be obnoxiously loud and will it be a headache for my neighbors?

I have had this exhaust for 3 days/100 miles now and all my above listed concerns have been put to rest. I'll try and provide a review based on how I see it:

Shipping and Packaging
I ordered this from Vivid Racing and the shipping and quality of packaging was top notch I probably had a million questions for Ahmed prior to ordering and he calmly answered all my concerns. He suggested I stick with ordering a E90 GT and I am glad I listened to him. The length of the tips is perfect

The quality of the exhaust looks really really good. The welds all look solid and well laid. The tips look beefy enough that they will not bend/damage/ding with an accidental knock. Overall, very impressed with how it looks and feels. The weight is way lighter than stock.

Again, I was surprised at how perfectly everything lined up. I did not have to struggle with lining up any of the hangar points. I was very concerned about where the tips would end up but they donot appear recessed at all and I couldn't be happier with where they end up relative to the diffuser. You can see the pictures below.

Absolutely amazing And "NO" this does not feel overly loud. Infact firing it up in my garage on a cold start and then crusing out of my neighborhood it does not feel any louder that the Megan I had. It is only when you get on it, excess of 4k rpms that it comes alive and sounds insanely amazing.

Again, I'll reiterate that even at WOT it does not sound like a car with straight pipes. It is much louder but nothing that could get embarassing for you or annoying for onlookers. It does not hurt the ears. The topic of sound is so subjective it is best left to each individual to judge what they like by hearing it themselves. I am looking to buy a good car camera so i can take some videos and post them as well.


1) I don't know who designed those udders under the exhaust can but they look ugly as hell I don't want to spend another few hundered dollars on getting a aeroshied because those ugly udders will still be visible Somewhere down the road I think I am going to just cut them. problem is that they are so visible from the rear of the car

Enough with the review and onto the pictures
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