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Originally Posted by cposk View Post
I think the idea is that a weekend car is driven a lot harder than a commuter. I put 10k miles on my M in 8 months doing about 79hwy/1city everyday. They were nothing but cruising (low drive train stress). Now I have my beater up and running, so the M is driven once every couple weeks for about 50 miles. And those 50 miles aren't cruising miles.

I still agree that lower miles is better. More because the paint/leather condition is almost always directly related to miles.
I guess, but people who have a weekend car don't necessarily beat on it, especially relative to what an M car is built to handle. If it was a dedicated TRACK car, that would be another story -- but then it probably would have far fewer miles per year and likely wouldn't be anywhere near stock. I was thinking more along the lines of people who want a beater to avoid accelerated depreciation from a high-mileage commute and then want something fun for their weekend cruising. Sure they'll have some 0-60 blasts, and maybe the tail will get kicked out at a few intersections, but I suspect very few weekend cars experience truly high-speed cornering, sustained revs above 5K, consistent heavy braking, etc.
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