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Quick rant: some dumb ass lady decided she'd use the rear bumper of my car to stop her car, and idled into me at a red light this morning…The damage was close to nil, but if you look from a foot or two away you can see it (a cm or so paint chip, a sleight worm shaped paint indent maybe a cm wide and an inch long). I was late to work and this idiot was clueless so I just told her to get back in her car and move on with her day, I don't have the patience to take insurance and crap on a cold Monday morning, and the damage wouldnt be an issue for 99% of drivers. But i'm pissed right now... Need alcohol. Hope yalls morning was better than mine.

Edit: In better news, I drove up and back from the Poconos this weekend, around 500 miles cruising at 85-95 the entire way with a bunch of WOT shenanigans. Zero issues, zero limp modes, zero nuthin’. The car ran great, so that makes me very happy. STG2+ maps pull hard over 100, wow.
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