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Originally Posted by Cali FlyBoyZ View Post
I'm in a bit of a war with myself right now. I'm not sure if I am putting too much emphasis on the ///M or if it is really worth it to own one. In looking for my next car, I am wondering if I should go with a 08-2010 ///M3, 06-08 ///M6, the 2011 550i, 2011 640i, or to just get another 335i and fully mod it again (never got a chance to try the single turbo setup).

I decided to post this here instead of the ///M forum because you guys seem a bit more fair and not so biased towards one car over another. I am really interested in hearing your opinion(s). Thanks =)
stop using /// in front of M first of all

second of all, the answer is simple.

go drive these cars, and then you will know if they are for you or not.

i personally have owned 3 M cars, and 2 modern non M cars. the difference in handling and feel is big enough for me to have gotten back into my personal dream car which i own today.

the M cars are more aggressive feeling and sharp edged, and only by driving them will you determine whether this is something that appeals to you or not.

personally, i liked the grunt and low end and midrange power of the N54, and the handling and feel of the e9x m3. the 1M combines all those things, and handles and brakes better than an m3 because it is 300 lbs lighter.

i will say this, one major advantage of the m3 if you go automatic is the DCT transmission. it is fantastic, and really is a perfect match for that car. im a 6mt guy, so it doesnt interest me, but it does really improve the m3 experience.

good luck