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Coordination. You've got 3 things going on, brake, clutch, throttle. Try eliminating the brake part and just practice blipping the throttle while gradually slowing down to a lower gear. As you are letting out the clutch try to get a feeling for when you should blip the throttle to get a smooth transition into gear. Do that every day for 10 minutes, for a week. Once you feel comfortable and understand the throttle/clutch timing then move on to applying the brakes. Everyone places their feet relative to the brake and throttle a little differently, its about being comfprtable and responsive. I place the ball of my foot at the outer right side of the brake pedal and pivot toward the gas pedal, so that the center of my foor (between my heel and balls of feet) strike the gas pedal. If you dont get it right the first time, dont get discouraged. Practice, practice. Hope this was helpful.

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