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From 370z to 458

I have a friend who lives way below his means. I've known the guy for 20 years and he only really spends a lot on things he really wants. He currently drives an F10 530d daily driver and a 370z coupe for the track. He's planning to buy a Ferrari 458 this year but he thinks he should go for a "lesser" sports car first like a 911 or R8. I told him to get the Ferrari, no need to get a 911 or R8 first since he already knows how sports cars are like(he had an S200, 350z and Boxster before the 370z) and he already knows how to drive around a track well(we drive around a track every saturday).

Should he practice in a more powerful 911/R8 or should he go for the Ferrari already? I think he can handle the Ferrari and that's what he really wants. Besides, he has more driving experience than those celebrities who have Ferraris/Lambos as their first cars.