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Originally Posted by andrew777 View Post
Strong spelling and grammar.

Let me start by saying that gays can get married. It has never been illegal for gays to marry, it just has to be to someone of the opposite sex, since that is part of the definition of marriage, not only according to generations of tradition, but also by our government.

It is also worth noting that marriage, like driving, is not a right, but a privilege. The same way in which only those who are supposedly capable and competent are allowed to drive, only those who are capable and competent of being married are allowed to get married. Being blind will instantly mean you do not qualify for the privilege of driving and being gay will similarly instantly disqualify you from having the privilege of marriage.
Blind people cannot drive because they pose a threat to others if they do. Gay people aren't about to go run over some folks if they get married.

If society always operated on "generations of tradition" then we'd all be running around with multiple wives and farm animals. In fact the ancient cultures upon which modern society is founded were accepting and sometimes even encouraging of homosexuality if you really want to take your argument full-circle. Society needs to change with the ebb and flow of the cultural zeitgeist. Being progressive is all about progressing.

Would you support a civil union granting the gay couple all of the same benefits as a marriage, provided that the term "marriage" was reserved only for heterosexual couples?