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Originally Posted by DZeckhausen View Post
Very nice! Do you have a photo from slightly further back that shows off the finish of the car too? I'm interested in seeing how the calipers match/contrast with the rest of the car.

How quickly did Mike turn these around?

Now you've got me thinking about matching my Trophy calipers to the Monterey Red paint on my Corvette. I'll have to talk to Mike about how that would hold up at the track, though.

Mike did them in a few days - very fast.
I will have other pics of the car soon and will post. The color is off a shade I chose color - but close enough as it's recessed and in the wheel well. It's very close and I'm happy with it for sure

The car is having major work done to it and it will be in a couple car mags, will be at Bfest, Mfest, etc. Can't spoil the surprise quite yet - but you'll see it soon.

And...If you know the right people, they can color match powder - no problem. LMK if you need more info.