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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
and these being production cars, and not test vehicles, means that bmw decided against "fixing" the steering. it's their final product. hmm.

- esquire
I believe all the cars tested in Spain were pre production cars, at least I hope so. Steved said there was some improvement with the 6mt in the production car he tested in England, but still had concerns about steering feel. I Want to buy the M3 but if it doesn't steer at least as good as a 3 series, forget it. Can't fix numb steering with mods. The M3 is starting to look more like an amercian muscle car, great motor and numb steering. To spend 70k on a sports car that doesn't steer as well as an Accord family hauler is not good. I still have hope that BMW is not so arrogant as to discount these reviews, if they do it will be at their own peril. They responded to the criticism of the light steering in the 3 series about 6 years ago, now they need to step it up and tweak the steering and brakes on the U.S. speced car before their release next Spring. If BMW wants to make a fix bad einough they can still do it. I would be more than willing to wait even if it took a delay to get it right.