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Originally Posted by StarReaver View Post
^ I fully agree with everything. There is nothing more frustrating than opening a FS thread with the title "blah blah blah for sale" and the only thing posted is "PM me for price" and NOTHING ELSE!

Bitch, please. Why are people so afraid to list their prices? Are they afraid that someone else is going to undercut them with a similar item? That people will complain about the price? Do they not realize that researching fair market value for their item only takes like 5 minutes and would be immensely more convenient for everyone? Like roadkillrob said, IT'S NOT FOR SALE IF THERE IS NO PRICE!!! Don't post a "feeler" thread looking for the highest offer. If I wanted to bid on an item I'd go look for it on eBay, not here. You can always change the price in your original post and title if you want to go lower.

Also, no pictures, no description, etc makes me RAGE!! Why list something for sale if you're not even serious about selling it? Take some effort to make your item appealing! Take LOTS OF PICTURES! Take some time to actually describe the item! I CONSTANTLY see FS threads that are bumped every 2 hours with NO ADDITIONAL CONTENT! Do those posters really think anyone is going to buy the item if you don't take photos? Until you post pictures, all you have for sale is a line of text on a screen. This may work for those of you who have been posting for a long time and the community is acquainted with, but if you're like me and aren't well known on the boards, then well, no one is going to send you $300 for your carbon fiber plasti-dipped dildo or whatever.

And don't even get me started when someone says "just google it for pictures"...

These are the Classified Rules from another forum I'm on. Perhaps we can take some ideas from this and implement them, so that our Classifieds section isn't littered with useless threads:

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