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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Mainly my own but we talk especially if our product is bastardised for the vacuous opportunity for someone or their family to show how much money we have for doing nothing of actual importance. Not only is it flaunted it is then rammed down your throat and then exported to us in Germany as some sort of twisted mission for global dominance.

They convince they are role models but all they are for is to show how to get everything through deception and manipulation whilst not actually gaining any achievement through actual hard work , education and commitment.

On a plus note when the Phantom DropHead Coupe was not even available and all that was there was the 100EX when the stars came calling to use for publicity , BMW refused every request and every offer unlike Maybach which whored the Exelero.
I agree 100%. The "stars" like big, fast, and shiny; if it meets those requirements they will endorse it. Which means their endorsements represent absolutely nothing. Whats really sad (for us Americans, I realize its not that significant to others) is that these celebrity endorsements are making their way into the US elections more and more. Those ass clowns went full out this past election. Anyway back to cars.There are exceptions to celebrity endorsements, the ones that actually know about cars. People like Jay Leno, Matt LeBlanc, or Rowan Atkinson are people that I wouldn't mind endorsing a car as long as it was done in a tasteful manner. As for the Exelero didn't need to be whored out. It already looked like a cheap hooker, so it could have done that itself.

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