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Maintenance Sched and Service Tool?

Hey all,

I've been searching thru the forums all morning and I haven't found a satisfactory answer to my questions yet.

I have a 2008 M3 w/ 6 speed and its just over 40,000 kms. I've had it in the garage for the winter and I'm getting it ready for the road again. Also, my warranty is up.

I'm going to do a oil change and get on a once a year schedule as I put it back on the road every spring, average 10,000 kms/year. I'm looking for a comprehensive maintenance schedule or at least a list of all the things that need to be changed regularly. Oil, air and cabin filters, etc are a given but rough guidelines on manual trans fluid, rear diff fluid etc would be helpful.

Also, I'm looking at getting the Bavarian Technic's "Enthusiast Package" diagnostic tool and I'm hoping for some feedback. Basically I just want something that can reset all service reminders, register new batteries and tell me what the car wants changed. I know most maintenance is decided by the car's computer based on driving style, mileage and time and I'm hoping that the tool will tell me about things like diff fluid, spark plugs etc.. The Bav Technic site says it does most of that but not clear on some of it.

Thanks in advance