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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
I have spoken to people who worked on Maybach in marketing and are kind of disappointed that the car has now become a patische instead of being taken seriously against Rolls-Royce and Bentley. The car had the potential to be a new approach to modern luxury but did not take the brand to its potential.
One Phantom customer told me that when he required about purchasing a Maybach he was told which entertainment customers had one. To which he came and bought a Phantom instead. Because aristocratic Europeans are not familiar and some even wholly despise that whole image.

RR has that image that appeals there is a legacy to RR and when the covers come off the new RR Wraith at Geneva in just over a weeks time the Maybachs failure will be complete because they done nothing , no investment whilst RR brought the Ghost to the market aswell as the additional Phantom models.
Maybachs crowning achievement was endorsements by pillars of society such as Bernie Madoff who had four Maybachs to ass clowns like Chris Brown and Kanye West.
Not to say RR does not have their fair share of popular unlikeable customers.
Yeah, I get what you're saying. I mean the too-similar-S-Class exterior was just one of the missteps by Mercedes handling of the Maybach brand. People who buy the Rolls Royce's and the Bentley's only care about luxury and comfort, so there's no doubt that Mercedes who excels in these areas could've made the Maybach brand into something much more. Like you said, Rolls Royce has it's heritage. Maybach could've been the modern luxury.