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^ Those could be APEX EC-7s, and if they're not, I'd probably pick the EC-7s if I wanted wheels that looked like that since APEX has a great reputation for solid wheels.

As for wheel color with Le Mans, I personally think the stock 19" polished silver look goes best. Black can work if you do other black-out accents on the rest of the exterior and you're into the murdered out look (I'm not myself). Powdercoating is of course an option if you don't want to buy a whole set of wheels, but that color above is typically called anthracite or similar, available on the EC-7s directly from APEX, and is popular among track people (and especially on dedicated track wheels) because it's the color of brake dust, so those wheels don't look any different when they're dirty from hard driving and/or not having been washed for a while.

The downside of course is that even when they're clean, they look dirty. But that's not really an issue for dedicated track wheels unless you're out for a photo shoot session.
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