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After playing around with the height setting and putting on ~ 2,000km. I found a setup that I am quite comfortable with. From the picture above in my previous post I adjusted the front anot 1/2" lower and raised the rear about 2/3" of an inch. The ride in incredible. I am very happy with the way the car drives now. The car is planted to the road, very controlled and predictable, steering feedback has improved. Transitions from side to side are amazing. Bumps are now absorbed even better The car feels effortless to drive now. Why didn't I do this earlier I don't know. Also the clunking noise when hitting driveways at 30 degree angles is all but eliminated. I think by lowering the front, I've compressed the springs enough to eliminated any type of floated that might have been there in the past.

I love the suspension, many thanks to TC for support and for making such an amazing product.
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