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Originally Posted by Dan@UnitedBMW View Post
Love this car. In convos with Joey, he had been testing this setup since before the 2012 Petit Le Mans
Perhaps the GT3 version - but the only driver to have any test time in this car prior to the launch was Dirk Muller.

Originally Posted by RingMeister01 View Post
Probably an audio edit to help the viewer decipher the two different cars . The M3 sounds raw while the Z4 sounds advanced and refined. In reality the two cars will sound slightly different from the tweaks the factory have made but you'd have to have a good ear to notice the difference.
The two cars actually do sound quite a bit different. While your average joe might not know a difference, any BMW fan will find a very distinct difference in sound and tone. A good ear is not necessary. I'm confident everyone will love the Z4's sounds.

Originally Posted by E39hijinks View Post
Great looking car. Am extremely offended though that "Stance Works" is taking photos of it. that name should not be anywhere near this car.
I'm bummed to hear this. I think if you give our content a chance as a BMW fan instead of someone who hops on the bandwagon of disliking us based on our name, you'll find that you're in for a treat.

Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112 View Post
Wait, you don't like the coverage because the photographer's company is called stance works? These guys have been personally invited by BMW to cover ALMS numerous times not only because their work is in a league of their own, but because they have a deep enthusiasm for the company. You should really check out their work before you judge them. Of course they know this car isn't "stanced".

EDIT: they don't just shoot "stanced" cars btw... its just a company name
I can't thank you enough for posting this - it means the world to read and is why I logged in to post. I'm glad some people are taking the time to realize that StanceWorks is just a name. We've worked hard over the past couple years to separate ourselves from everyone else, and everything we do embraces our true enthusiasm for cars. Especially BMW!