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OP depending how close you are with your authorized Dinan dealer you will not be paying the extra amount people are mentioning. I have the 380 at all 4 and when I bought the kits I saved a good chunk of money (can remember actual amount), but I got at least 10% off the cost. In addition they threw in the custom color that I wanted at no additional charge.

The nice is as some folks tend to disagree is the warranty because of the extra cost.

I had not had to pay for a single pad replacement since owing them nor do i have to pay to flush the fluid. Granted it was only one pad change, but I have had the brakes for over 2 years on the car.

Yes you are getting the same brembo product, which is exceptional in performance and build.

Whichever route you go you are still getting a top of the line performance product, which are far superior to the stock components on the car.

If you do want to go the Dinan route with modifying the rest of the vehicle then maybe doing this would make sense if you want the logo. I don't think you need to have the logo on the caliper and can opt for something else.

Turn around was also incredibly good.

Good luck with your decision.