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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
I had 2 Caymans, and they are fantastic cars! One of the best handling cars on the planet... steering is sublime. The M3 has a whole different philosophy and feel, so it is really hard to compare. For some reason the new Cayman leaves me somewhat cold, and uninspired... I'd pick up an 'R' instead.

All new Porsches are getting more and more clinical and almost too perfect... it feels almost that they traded the soul for even more perfection.
The 991 is in every measurable way better as well as being more luxurious and lighter, but many 911 owners do not like it because the longer wheelbase has lost the go kart handling like feel that the 911 is known for. For race teams and those looking for the best lap times, it is clearly an improvement. But faster and more stable isn't always better to some. Diehard 911 guys want to feel every tiny rock and road imperfection through the steering rack and enjoy mastering the unique handling traits of the 911 even if that takes years.

And about the new cayman. It looks great and I'm sure is easy and fun to drive. If I didn't own my GTS and was shopping for a car, it would definitely on my short list. The biggest downside would be depreciation. The cayman depreciates at a greater rate than the 911.

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