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Talking Individual E92 M3 - PCD & Epic Tail of the Dragon Journey!

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As some of you may remember, I was fortunate enough to take European Delivery of my Individual Azurite/Rust Brown E92 M3 in Munich last December. It was an awesome experience! (The original thread is here).

After a forever-taking 10-week wait, my M3 and I were finally reunited at the Performance Center in South Carolina last week. The experience was just as fantastic as Munich, but in an entirely different way. We were treated like VIPs from the moment we arrived at the airport until we drove off in our new M. If you can stand to wait a little longer for delivery and take a couple of days for the trip, I’d highly recommend it!

Delivery day was busy but perfectly managed. We started off with a brief introduction to the driving course, followed by quick laps around the track in an M3, panic breaking practice and spinning 360s on the skidpad. Fun!

After that came my (second) favorite part of the day, a hot lap in an instructor-driven F10 M5. Our driver was Andy, a professional racing driver who has recently been competing in Drifting events. All I can say is…Mother of God. That lap was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced, and it sure as hell gave me respect for a) the quality of instructors they have at the PC and b) the capabilities of the new M5 in the right hands. Outstanding!

Here's a shot of our intrepid instructor Andy introducing us to the track:

When track-time was over we hopped in X3s and X5s and drove to the factory for a tour, followed by some laughter-inducing off-roading (rock-crawling, hill descents, crazy angles and water crossings). A bit of a novelty, but still super fun.

After a tasty lunch of bratwurst and sauerkraut, we were ready for the main event!

Even though anticipation had been building the whole day, nothing could really prepare me for the first sight of my new M3 sitting right outside the front door. The overall effect of the Individual paint is stunning! From some angles Azurite swallows light and looks inky black…from others it's extremely iridescent. Depending on the angle, weather, sunlight/clouds and time of day, it's like looking at a different car. Very cool. Since I took delivery in Munich at night and wasn't able to drive it due to heavy snow, I'd been waiting (and waiting…and waiting) to see Azurite in the sunshine. Worth the wait!

But enough of that. Here are some pictures from re-delivery. (I didn’t realize until afterward that the hood was partially unlatched, apologies).

(Please watch in HQ)

After leaving the Performance Center we spent the next several days driving the beautiful roads that wind through the Smoky Mountains from South Carolina to Tennessee. We hit the Moonshiner 28 up to Tail of the Dragon, followed by the Foothills Parkway over to Gatlinburg, TN, and the Devil’s Triangle up by Knoxville. If you get a chance to drive these roads in your M, do it! They are FANTASTIC. Plus, given the time of year we basically had the roads to ourselves.

At the entry to Tail of the Dragon:

Having some fun on Tail of the Dragon (doing my best to keep within the yellow lines and the break-in limits!):

(Please watch in HQ)

And a few from the overlook up top:

On to the Foothills Parkway...what a great road! It follows the crest of a mountain top. Gorgeous views from both sides.

Here's a walk around:

(Please watch in HQ)

The next day we hit the Devil's Triangle. A GREAT series of roads, but some shoddy asphalt and steep drop-offs in places. It was also a bit icy due to some recent rain and temps around 20 degrees. Not ideal!

Along the way down to Texas we hit the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery (had to bring home a little White Lightning!) followed by the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and one of MLK’s favorite soul food restaurants in Memphis (The Four Way).

All in all, it was an epic journey and a trip I’ll remember forever. Had the 1200 mile service scheduled for the day I rolled into town and the rest, as they say, is history!

I almost are a couple of interior shots of the Rust Brown leather and Piano Black trim:

Within a couple of days of getting home I installed painted reflectors, Edition grills and gills, Lux 5000k AEs and an Eisenmann Race system. The Eisenmann Race sounds INSANE. Totally changes the driving experience!

Here are a couple shots of the initial mods:

Several more mods planned. I'm truly in awe of this car. What a machine!

Hope this was an enjoyable read. Safe driving out there!

/// E92 M3 Individual - Azurite/Rust ~ E34 M5 - Brilliant Red/Silver Gray