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Was at the dog park yesterday and a 8 year old german shepherd decided to grab my 6 month old puppy by the head and neck and start to shake. Ended up with a 1" gash on the top of his head and one on his neck just behind his left cheek.

I'm sure things would have been quite different if it were a year from now.... He's totally fine, doesn't even act like there is anything wrong with him. I know a guy who uses American Bulldogs for hog hunting and he keeps a medical staple gun with him. If the dogs get cut, he just staples them up and keeps going. ABDs are pretty tough dogs. Just sucks seeing him in his cone all shaved up with stitches.

Little guy didn't even fight back, went totally submissive when the GS grabbed him. We had to pry the GS off of him.

Not sure what set him off. Was thinking that maybe since my guy is just now getting into puberty the GS caught a whiff of something he didn't like?


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